Dwight Tavern

Long ago, but close at hand
Dwight's Tavern by the road did stand.
At Main St. East and Burbank Ave.
Where Spencer's Garage their cars now have.
The Tavern stood from ancient times
'til it was moved to other 'climes.
It offered food and drink and rest,
G. Washington liked it the best
of all the places close around
and said it credited the town.

The picture above is from pg55 of the booklet The 300th Anniversary of the Quaboag Plantation 1660-1960.
Page 46 of that booklet lists the tavern as built in 1718. Under "Historical Notes on Warren" by Lillian Hathaway on page 50 is a paragraph on the tavern.Note this account says it was built by Simeon Dwight.

Another history of the tavern is in the 1933 Hilltop p14 and 15.

Both publications were loaned by Eleanor Obartuck.

A 1898 Atlas of Worcester County,detail of plate 26, shows the area of the tavern:
What a lot of information is in this small section of Plate 26. On the left is Warren Steam Pump which had just started the year before in 1897. Next is Slater Engine Co which started in 1894 at the beginning of a business depression. The land was owned by the Warren Building & Improvement Co. which also owned all the Slater buildings.That property eventually became Perkins Machine and now is an abrasives firm called Standex.

Further down E.Main St. Mr. Penfield the Photographer owned the row of three decker buildings.

The following pictures and postcards are from Mary Spencer and Ron Rainka.
color was yellow in 1933
per Hilltop,yellow or white
in 1914 from party
photos, red from 1960 on.

In 1980 Gary Miller from West Brookfield took these pictures of the Tavern at the beginning of dismantling it. He then took the pieces to Guilford, Ct. where someone else reassembled it.
north side E.Main
south side
east side

Spencer's garage eventually used the area for display parking and it now looks like this in 2004.
Meanwhile in Guilford, in a residential suburb, the reconstructed building appears with a different doorway and roof line but still a red color. Picture courtesy of Ms. Penny Colby, Reference Librarian of the Guilford Free Library.

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